Neighbours talking over the garden fence

Growing up in a house in the middle of a field on a farm in Ireland I remember seeing neighbours talk over the garden fence on American TV shows…Darryl and his neighbour Phil reminded me of an American sitcom. Suburban life looks pretty good in Rozelle, especially on Springside Street! This was one of the last views I had before leaving Darryl and his family to start my first official Couchsurfing experience in Paddington.

Thank you to Darryl, Caroline, Melissa and Piper for showing me unending warmth and understanding, especially as I fell sick or “crook” as they say in Oz, when I was there. On the second day of my week long visit in early January, I’d taken Darryl out on his first Sydney Bay 7K run (even though he’s lived beside if for years) and that afternoon I got hit pretty bad with a mixture of Bali Belly and cold virus…so I was more than glad to be in the comfort of a family home rather than stuck in a hostel in Kings Cross of the like! I’m sure I registered somewhere on Caroline’s multi-levelled scale of “annoying” ;o) but all the same, being a midwife and nurse she couldn’t help but care for me…thanks for all that Olive Leaf extract which helped to get me back on my feet

I will be visiting my brother Alasdair and his wife Shelly in New Zealand soon and have more family to drop in on whilst over on the land of the long white cloud so watch this space for more kiwi action!

Young Love

Five year old Melissa playing with the next door neighbour Will. Shortly after they moved in, Will knocked on the door and introduced himself…promptly telling Darryl that he didn’t want to talk to him, he wanted to talk to the little girl! Supposedly they are going to get married, according to Will. They sure have a lot of fun over that fence and they are currently lobbying Darryl to cut a hole in it so that they can travel through to each other!