Freeborn aims to travel free from the constraints of conventional economics and tourism, forming instant spontaneous human relationships in an exciting and very real positive way.

Inspired by travelling artists of old journeying urban and rural environments, including the Irish countryside, as recently as the 1950s, exchanging/bartering painted portraits, poems or artisan crafts for food, lodging and other goods/services.

Freeborn modernised this concept.

Creating a Freeborn exchange, bARTering his skills in digital photographic portraiture/documentary and promotion through social media and word of mouth, he trades for goods and services such as accommodation, food, personal items and learning other crafts.

The portraits and objects Freeborn collects tell the stories of people he has experienced and exchanged with through traveling to over 20 countries worldwide. Β The project continues whilst living and working in London.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantastic! Very much looking forward to following your travels and to hanging one your portraits on my wall very soon. Viva your Melbourne visit!x

  2. Hey GBo! Sounds and looks like you are having an amazing trip – wasn’t a doubt that you would though πŸ™‚ Life in the ‘factory’ is certainly more dull without you around. PS Ariana is finally in Melbourne but only just if you’ve reached there? xx

    • Hey Vikster πŸ™‚ lovely to hear from you! I am certainly having an absolutely amazing time the Freeborn Travelling Portrait Project is going down a treat! I’ll be in Melbourne to shoot the Laneways festival this weekend and then take my project to NZ for a month before coming back to Sydney to shoot the Mardi Gras Parade, but I’ll be back in Melb on March so hope to see Ariana then πŸ™‚ I miss you guys but not the “factory” love to everyone! Gavin πŸ™‚ xo

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Irishwonderboy.

    Its one of the lovely three muscateers you photographed at laneway, and as promised I am harassing you for the photos. Better book us in for March, we’re busy girls πŸ˜‰

    Jac (hybrid asian)

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