My presence…in Festival and Portrait Heaven!

“You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man!”

So, I’m in Japan and crazy busy touring but my absence from blogging has been because of many hosts and many festivals plus little access to wifi! Check this festival out that I made a photo documentary of in Australia recently…Right I’m dashing off out in Osaka heading towards Kyoto for the day but I hope you can take the time to have a cup of tea or a beer and sit back to experience this amazing festival in it’s 20th year in Apollo Bay. Press Slideshow on the top right and enjoy. Please feel free to feedback and I have a number of other documentaries and hosts to blog about once I emerge from being completely emerged in Japanese culture!

For the amazing band of brothers The Beards (who I ended up merrily leading in Christmas Carol singing on the street in Apollo Bay)…it’s HILARIOUS!

Derek & Annie from Antwerp

I was in the middle of my first solo fashion shoot at Angkor Wot with a very talented now friend Rany Som, Jewellery Designer from Siam Reap, when Derek above and his lovely lady Annie stopped to observe, and take a few cheeky snaps over my shoulder. Our conversation was short but sweet. I got to practice my French once more and they very kindly invited me to Antwerp, which is a city I’ve been wanting to go to for ages. Unfortunately when I tried to email them a copy of their photos it bounced back, so Derek and Annie, if you are reading this please email me at so we can meet once more and have a longer more relaxing conversation next time!