Jeremy Croce AKA Frenchie

"Awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh!!!"

I’ve encountered a fair few French folk in my time and I have to say, my favourite so far is Jeremy Croce. Not only is Jeremy an absolute hoot to hang out with but he possesses the best French laugh I have ever heard! I’ve got a recording that I made of a group of young Laos boys who I brought together as an impromptu choir all imitating the¬†“Awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh!!!” on Phu Si mountain, which Jeremy had a right laugh at! See you in France one day Jeremy as I simply must hear that laugh again! In the photo above, I simply love the way he is literally hanging out of the tuk tuk with a fag hanging out of his mouth in true French style!