Suzie – The Dutch Striker!

"Sponsored by Adidas?"

Suzie, another Dutch friend, was quite something in the bowling hall. Strike after strike…I did wonder if she was sponsored by Adidas?! You can read her blog (if you understand Dutch) here I also have Suzie to thank for helping me to get my blog up and running in Chiang Mai 😮


"I've been travelling for over 40 years..."

I met Leo in Julie Guesthouse in Chang Mai and new straight away that I wanted to hear his story and take his portrait. Originally from France, Leo has been on the move for over 40 years. He is mainly based in India but has sojourned to a long list of countries including Senegal, Mali, Togo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, India, Nepal, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, Japan and of course Thailand where we met. As we parted company I laughed and said…maybe I’ll see you when I’m in India…it may have around a quarter of the world’s population but stranger things have happened!