London Film Festival, Frieze & a Host of Gloriously Talented Friends

Ashley by Rodolfo Villaplana

Ashley by Rodolfo Villaplana

As this year’s Frieze London and London Film Festival close this weekend I am keen to point out the work of a few of my very talented friends. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself when I think of how unbelievable it is to live in London surrounded by this cultural smorgasbord. Artists, writers and much much more. Here are two I’d like to introduce briefly to you.

Rodolfo Villaplana, originally from Venezeula is an exceptional talent in figurative painting.  After showing recently in the Venice Biennale, Rodolfo had his second solo show here in London at 20th Century Theatre in West London this weekend during Frieze. Part of the show, this beautiful painting above is of a dear mutual friend and fellow artist, Ashley from Laguna Beach near Los Angeles, California. See more of his scintillating work on Rodolfo Villaplana’s Facebook page. He is definitely one to watch!

Gone Girl with Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike

Gone Girl with Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike

Another wonderfully talented friend who likes to stay behind the scenes is the the wonderful writer Jonathan Campbell, the man behind Soundbite Culture. Jonathan has spent the last number of weeks devouring and dissecting back to back films at the London Film Festival. He and his merry band of film critics produce a regular reflection upon the current cinematic offer,  from summer blockbusters such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy starring Bradley Cooper and Benicio del Toro, to films of the moment David Fincher’s Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike or The Judge with Billy Bob Thornton & Robert Downey Jr. Bookmark Soundbite Culture to keep in touch with the best films.

The Judge with Robert Downey Jr & Billy Bob Thornton

The Judge with Robert Downey Jr & Billy Bob Thornton

Living in London is an experience I can highly recommend to anyone who gets the opportunity. It’s a tough city at times but boy does it make up for it with endless opportunities for inspiration through festivals, art events and constantly being surrounded by a never ending supply of energetic talent! Another week awaits and who knows what excitement it will entail!

Nell Bryden – A Pure Legend of a Woman

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I first met Nell Bryden years ago when she played at WuFest @ Dr Wu’s Bar in Leeds, organised by our mutual friend and superwoman Emma Tate nee McPartland whose wedding I had the pleasure of shooting a few years after. From the moment I first saw and heard Nell perform I knew there was just something about her. Nell and I met at Wufest a few years running when she was over from New York and we would have our annual catch up sitting by the mesmerising silver ball fountain sculpture on Calls Landing near the river Aire. A year would have gone by and we would hear each others news on life, love and lots more.

Time passed and for various reasons we didn’t cross paths both being busy in our own lives. I was out of the country a few times when Nell played Leeds again, although I was aware she had been making waves in the UK music scene with six playlisted singles on BBC Radio 2. The Irish broadcasting legend Sir Terry Wogan is a big fan! So when I was searching gig listings in London recently and found Nell was playing the Roundhouse in Camden, I was super excited to catch up with an old friend. Then I read news of Nell’s experience with battle with hair loss through alopecia which was detailed in her feature in the Daily Mail.

Nell full life story can be read here. It really is a truly unique and wonderful story showing how life shapes people. Through being a highly sociable person I meet a lot of folk and I feel very lucky to have happened upon such a talented strong and inspirational human being. Nell grew up on Brooklyn and was there when the 9/11 attack devastated her home city of New York. It took her a long time to write about it but when she did she really did! Every time I listen to this track Sirens it brings me close to tears. In my opinion President Barack Obama should have this song as the unofficial national anthem of the United States of America…what would fit better for a nation who are pushing to improve themselves and stay strong in times of uncertainty?

Nell is starting her new tour in May so don’t miss out if you get the chance the voice of this Pure Legend of a Woman.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon Nell.

Tahleya Neytiri Samways

Whilst I was at Clarence Dam, Tahleya, her boyfriend David and a few more friends arrived to have a swim. I had chat with them and they told me they’d come up from the suburbs of Sydney, almost a two hour drive. They come here often to climb and swim. I asked Tahleya about her family background and she explained that she is half Maori. I was very intrigued to make a portrait of her as I’m interested in the cultural make up of the people I meet as I travel. I hope to explore Maori culture when I cross the ocean to travel New Zealand in the next month or so.