Jeremy Croce AKA Frenchie

"Awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh!!!"

I’ve encountered a fair few French folk in my time and I have to say, my favourite so far is Jeremy Croce. Not only is Jeremy an absolute hoot to hang out with but he possesses the best French laugh I have ever heard! I’ve got a recording that I made of a group of young Laos boys who I brought together as an impromptu choir all imitating the “Awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh awe hawh!!!” on Phu Si mountain, which Jeremy had a right laugh at! See you in France one day Jeremy as I simply must hear that laugh again! In the photo above, I simply love the way he is literally hanging out of the tuk tuk with a fag hanging out of his mouth in true French style!


"I've been travelling for over 40 years..."

I met Leo in Julie Guesthouse in Chang Mai and new straight away that I wanted to hear his story and take his portrait. Originally from France, Leo has been on the move for over 40 years. He is mainly based in India but has sojourned to a long list of countries including Senegal, Mali, Togo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, India, Nepal, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, Japan and of course Thailand where we met. As we parted company I laughed and said…maybe I’ll see you when I’m in India…it may have around a quarter of the world’s population but stranger things have happened!