Battered Chicken Anyone??

So, picture this…you’re on a local bus (a rickety off-white 16 seater circa 1983) from Pakse to the Four Thousand Islands for three hours in the searing heat, and the next thing the bus comes to a sudden halt on it’s dusty bumpy highway! What I imagine are daughter, mother and granddaughter, in that order, clamber on to the bus and proffer their barbecued offerings of chicken on a stick! Now we ate some of this in the street market in Luang Prabang and like the fish you saw in a recent post it was fresh and delicious. Sadly this chicken on a stick was a different story. It looked more like a means of self defence that a foodstuff as they climbed over passengers manically rubbing the chicken inadvertently on people’s hair, seats and clothes. It was rather surreal and although we are all for supporting the local retailers, we had to resist their goods on this occasion…I just love the look on the grandmother’s face in the bottom right corner of the picture.