Bianca, from Sao Paolo in Brazil came to Australia as a skilled migrant. She been dreaming of living in Australia since she was a young girl and discovered Australia somewhat through her school geography classes. Her father, a very intelligent and free thinking man encouraged her to dream. One might wonder why she left an amazing country like Brazil. From what I’d heard Brazil is a country that is growing rapidly and should have lots of great opportunity.

I was shocked to hear from Bianca that when professionals step out of the office for their lunch break, they live in fear of being mugged. One could be at the traffic lights during the day and have an armed robber jump in your car and hijack it…WITH YOU IN IT! People come to Australia for many reasons but safety is one of the major reasons for many. For someone as steady, hardworking, committed and forthright as Bianca, her new life here as an Australian citizen definitely proves that she is and will continue to make a lasting and positive contribution to this new world!


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