Catherine the Great!

Catherine Beehag…where do I start?! My first ever Couchsurfing Host, Science & Communications Manager at Sydney Australian Museum, outdoor sports enthusiast, budding Ukelele player and all round multi-tasking extraordinaire!

She invited me for a coffee at lunchtime through Couchsurfing, where i’d read her profile and thought her an interesting lass, and then ended up roping me into an impromptu three day internship at the museum, co-writing the kids pull out section of their members magazine. It was great fun, considering my background in marketing and communications, plus I got to meet lots of awesome people in her team like Brent, who I flew my first ever kite with and Geoff, who has the best collection of fake Ray Bans I’ve ever seen. I got to work with the magazine’s Editor Brendan whose roots are Irish and I had the educational and cultural pleasure of taking in the wonderful BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Aboriginal Canning Stock Route exhibitions. Go and see them if you’re in the area!

Thank you for giving me the best first Couchsurfing experience I could have asked for Catherine :o) The following posts document a few of the many highlights whilst being hosted by you, Catherine the Great!


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