Face Your Fears for Freedom

It has to be said that on a continent as immense and fierce as Australia, people here are pretty tough…well the folk who are out near nature anyway, although urban environments bring their own challenges. Travelling the world is a certainly one way to face some of your fears..learning from other cultures as you travel. You hope to return stronger, smarter and freer. With a name like Gavin Freeborn…this particularly resonates with me! I’m learning to be more free every day…are you?


4 thoughts on “Face Your Fears for Freedom

  1. Is that your tat?? It’s very awesome, regardless! I quite love your surname; it’s always resonated with me as well 😉

    Fabbo blog, Gavin! …hmm.. now I’m thinking of a tattoo to get…!

    Go do lots 🙂

    • Hey Josie 🙂

      It was a tat on a guy I met when at the swimming spot. I really appreciate great tattoos on other people but don’t think I’d ever get one myself.

      We share an awesome surname and one day we’ll shoot together my friend!

      Keep on truckin! 🙂

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