Jarrah Dhyan

Jarrah Dhyan, quite the young man. Just as inspired, creative and mature as his sister Ayla. As we walked the Grand Canyon I noticed the interesting green colouring in the rocks and had to choose this spot as the background for Jarrah’s portrait. The evening before Jarrah ‘wiped the floor with me’ on the table tennis table. I used to play every evening when I was in school and back then I could have given him a run for his money but both he and Nihkil played in a club up until recently so they certainly had the upper hand on me, on this occasion! Jarrah is also an avid musician and has three beautiful guitars which he’s worked after school to buy himself. I can see Jarrah going on to make waves in the music scene of whichever city or town he decides to study in when he finishes high school in a few years time.


2 thoughts on “Jarrah Dhyan

  1. Hi Gavin!
    I’m loving your blog and your pictures. It was really cool to hear your stories {on the train from Blue Mountains to Sydney five days ago} and I was inspired by your project. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and learning how your journey unwinds as the months go by!
    All the best – Cate

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