Growing Two-gether in Love

I was lucky that my family in the Blue Mountains had a few days off around New Year and took me to explore the surrounding area. Most people make the two hour journey from Sydney to the Blue Mountains…get out of the car/tour bus and take a photo of the Three Sisters on the outskirts of Katoomba, get back in their vehicle and that is there experience of the Blue Mountains. My hosts kindly took me to the Grand Canyon area for a good four hour hike (after we all applied suncream – the skin cancer clinic in Katoomba reminded me of the need for that!).

Shortly after we started our walk, I noticed two trees entwined in front of me. I stepped back and commented on them asking Nikhil and Julie if I could take a photo of them in that spot. The result is above. I had asked Nikhil about his backstory the day before and I was getting Julie’s backstory that morning so it seemed perfect to shoot them in front of these two trees who’ve grown two-gether through blistering heat and storm alike.

I told Nikhil and Julie that I aspire to have a partnership with a lady as strong as their’s one day, where love lasts through all the beauty and challenges of life.


2 thoughts on “Growing Two-gether in Love

  1. A beautiful concept beautifully captured Gav……..:) Love your words! The trees are quite amazing in Oz aren’t they…….I think they really tell the story of the how they suffer from the weather and harsh environment they live in.

    • Cheers Bro…sometimes I think my words are a little cheesy but as long as they are sincere I think it’s ok. The trees and the people out here suffer from the weather and the harsh environment I’d say! You would love this family…and when Ayla visits you I’m sure you’ll get on with her just like a sister :o)

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