Luang Prabang night street market

South East Asia is jam-packed with wonderful markets which are an absolute pleasure just to walk through even if you don’t want or need to buy something. Of all the night markets I’ve seen so far I think Luang Prabang’s night street market is what can only be described as “bijou”, as is this UNESCO World Heritage city. The above image is of kids boots handmade by the Hmong mountain tribes who make most of what is sold in the market. We had a really lovely time here although I did get bitten by an insect on Phou Si mountain at sunset, which catapulted me into the my first experience of a Laos hospital the next day when my hand became rather swollen. After some antihistamines, antibiotics and a little help from my kind friend and “nurse” for the day Holly, I was back on track. I did miss out on seeing the waterfall as the rest of the “slowboat crew” had ventured out to one of Laos’s pristine forests, but sure I’ll save that for the next time I’m there!


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