Walter & Betty from The Netherlands

When you travel well to a number of popular places which are close to each other you tend to bump into the same people a number of times. Sometimes this just helps to radiate the warmth and depth of spirit in those you meet or not. In our case we have been very lucky to have met a lot of really genuinely lovely fellow travellers. Walter & Betty are certainly two of those! We spent time with them in Pai and again in Chiang Mai where they joined us for Stu’s birthday and bought him the turtle shaped bread inset to float down the river. Thanks for being wonderful folk Walter & Betty. Hopefully we’ll see you in the land of flowers and canals one day for a festival there!


5 thoughts on “Walter & Betty from The Netherlands

  1. Aww! When you said you blogged about us, I didn’t know you dedicated a special message to us 😉 I think it’s so cool that we kept running into each other, we really enjoyed hanging with you guys. It certainly contributed to the great time we had in Thailand!

    p.s.: do you still have photo’s of me and Walter when we were drinking tea from bamboo cups? If you have time, you can put it on my FB or send it to

    I wish you and Stu all the best! Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  2. FYI: if you want to come to Holland and experience a great festival, try Queens Day on the 30th of April! It’s a great national party where everyone dresses up in orange, paint dutch flags and whatever on their faces, the crazier the better! It’s celebrated in every city/village, but Amsterdam is the best and most crowded that day. Just to give you an idea 😉

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