What is a Picture?

Shamillah Maganga, London - Heritage - England, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

"I always thought a picture's just a picture...but there's a lot more too it!"

I met Shamillah on the London Tube as she headed towards and evening of babysitting and I headed to my Bangkok flight. Our conversation started when she looked at my travel guide book inquisitively. I explained my 7 month journey and my portrait project.”Most” people don’t communicate on the tube but I’m not “most” people. I will happily chat to anyone, anywhere. I told Shamillah about my project and then asked her about her life and heritage. Her mother is from Rwanda and her father from Uganda and Tanzania. She is currently studying Health Care. I asked if I could take her portrait. When I showed her the image she made the comment above..it seemed the perfect introduction to my travels.


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